099Hey there! My name is Jasmine Elaine and I’ve been living in Los Angeles since 2012. I grew up in Colorado, and did my undergrad there as well. I decided it was time for a change and applied to the University of Southern California for my Masters in Social Work; luckily I got accepted!!!! I graduated and now I am a Mental Health Therapist for children in South Central. With that being say,  I deal with so much stress, and self-care is extremely important for me. Over time, I have realized, the best way for me to relax, is by escaping. Well, who really has the funds to escape or go on vacations every weekend?! Too bad, not me, so instead, I take “mini Vacations” all around Southern California!

I would say, I’m a true adventurer. The best part about living in California, is that there are so many places to explore! The purpose of this blog is to create a space for me to share my weekly explorations and to expose the true beauty of southern California! Furthermore, it allows me to show you all the places that I love to go when I need an adventure! Enjoy!