O-Hi Ojai!

This past weekend I spent my time at Ojai Valley Inn Spa and Resort. It was absolutely gorgeous, friendly service and exquisite ground. Even though I was here for work, during the breaks between my meetings, I walked around the resort to admire all of the Spanish architecture. On site, they have a golf course, tennis court four pools, hiking trails, you can rent bikes and a world class spa. They also have a couple restaurants, a pub, and a cafĂ©. At night, you are able to sit around several fire pits, while listening to music and roasting S’mores.

I also got a chance to explore Ojai, which is a small town outside of Ventura. There are not many things to do, but it sure is charming!

On Main Street there are a few restaurants, an ice cream shop, boutiques and theater. If you drive about 5 minutes outside of town, you will find Mediation Mount, which overlooks the whole Ojai valley.
Don’t forget, right before sunset, turn and look at Topa Mountain range, where you will catch the “Pink Moment”.

Hope you enjoy! Happy adventuring!

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