Garden of the Gods

Beautiful Red Rocks jutting from the ground, a kissing camel, and a balancing rock are all sights you will find at Garden of the Gods Nature Park. This free attraction is great for all ages, as it provides picturesque views, rock climbing and walking trails. Every time I visit home, I always make my way to this iconic outdoor space!

The park entrance is free and parking is free as well. Make sure you get there early, as it gets very full, and parking is limited.  Garden of the Gods has an amazing view of Cheyenne Mountain and Pikes Peak. It also easily leads to Manitou Springs, and Highway 24(Woodland Park). You can spend at least half a day hiking the park, and climbing rocks. There is a trading post and a nature center in the park that you can explore as well. Hope you have an amazing time!

Have you ever been to Colorado Springs? Let me know some of your favorite spots!

I’ll continue my Colorado Series in Denver, so stay tuned!

Until Next time! Happy Adventuring.


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