Huntington Library


Not too long ago, I went to the city of San Marino to visit The Huntington Library Art Collections and Botanical Gardens. The property spans across 120 acres. You can spend the entire day in the park. There are several different areas, including a Japanese and Chinese Garden, Australian Gardens, Art Museums, and a Succulent Garden.

Put on your walking shoes, because there is lots of nature walks and gardens to see! Also, make sure to get there early in the morning. Parking gets difficult towards the afternoon.

 Adult admission to the Huntington runs $20 on weekdays and $23 on weekends. Also, the park has a free day on Tuesdays, and there is a discount with your student ID.

I wasn’t able to see the entire park, because it is so large. What I did see though, was definitely worth returning to. I will be back to explore the rest of the park, and next time I will be sure to bring a blanket and picnic basket so that I can enjoy the open greenery.

Until next time! Happy Adventures!


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