Whistler B.C

British Columbia has been amazing. Vancouver has so much to do and see, I will definitely be traveling back. Along with checking out the city, while in British Colombia, I highly suggest that you explore the Canadian Rockies. The mountains are easy to access, by car or tour bus, have gorgeous scenery and lots of hiking. While on my trip, I spent a few days along the Sky to Sea Highway, and in Whistler.


Whistler is a town north of Vancouver, that’s home to Whistler-Blackcomb, one of the largest ski resorts in North America. Besides skiing and snowboarding, the area offers summer activity, like hiking, biking and zip-lining. Whistler was the venue for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, and pride themselves on this accomplishment, by having memorabilia all around the town.

 In the city of Whistler, there are some fine dining with world class chefs, and lots of little shops for sweet treats! I stopped at Pure Bread, and was purely amazed!!!

I also had ice cream at a shop called Cows. They have tons of flavors, and great to-go snacks.

I took the Gondola up Whistler Mountain, and then over to Blackcomb Mountain. The round-trip ticket was $61 Canadian Dollars($46 USD). Totally worth it!! You have 360 degrees views, and get to see the Olympic rings at the top. There are also restaurants at the top if you get hungry. Be sure to bring lots of water, as increasing in elevation can make you sick.


I recommend making Whistler an overnight trip, so that you can really experience all that it has to offer.

Sky To Sea Highway/Gondola/Waterfalls 

All along the way up to Whistler, there are amazing hikes, creeks and waterfalls. I stopped at Sky to Sea Gondola(featured above) Shannon Falls, and Brandywine Falls.

Shannon Falls is easily accessible, and you can walk right up to the base of the falls. Whereas at Brandywine Falls, you can view the top of the falls fairly easily, however, if you want to get to the base, you will have to do some hiking. Whats awesome about Brandywine Falls area, is that it is a 23km hike from Whistler and there are many hikes in the area. Beware on your hikes for bears, while I was there, I saw two!

On my trip back to British Columbia, I plan on making a stop at Garabaldi Lake. Your time there, depending on which route you take and if you want to camp, can be anywhere from a few hours to an overnight trip. he Garibaldi Lake campsite is located on the amazing, turquoise shores of this massive and mostly undisturbed mountain lake.  There are no trails around the perimeter of the lake with the exception of the small section leading to the campsite, so your view of the lake is a  magnificent blue with glaciers towering in the distance.

Sky to Sea Highway, Squamish, and Whistler were nothing short of amazing! Until next time, Happy Adventuring!


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