Vancouver is for Foodies!

If you are a foodie, Vancouver is the place for you. Because of its diverse population, you can find all types of food and specialty items here. Also, because Vancouver is on the ocean, seafood is almost on every menu!  Sushi, oysters, dumplings, periogies and freshly brewed beer is how you can fill you stomach throughout the day. Above all else, try the delicious and traditional Poutine. French Fries drenched in cheese curds and gravey is to die for!!!! Such a yummy dish, I would come back to Canada just for the Poutine alone!!

Vancouver also has an abundance of coffee shops. In Chinatown, there is a grocer that has an Italian coffee shop included called Dalina. I absolutely recommend stopping at this bright, airy cafe ordering a hot chocolate!

Does anyone else know of some hot spots to eat in Vancouver?? Comment Below!!!

Until Next time, Happy Adventuring!


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