Granville Island

My first must see in Vancouver is the robust island of Granville! Granville island is located right downtown, and is easily accessible.

Granville Island
Vancouver, Canada

Granville Island is known for its cultural district with theatres,  workshops and craft studios. While strolling around Granville Island, you also can enjoy listening to live music, watch entertainers, or even just people watch! Granville Island also has a waterpark for kids or you can rent kayaks, canoes and other water sports.

The biggest attraction on Granville Island is the Public Market. This indoor market place, is similar to Seattle’s Pike or San Francisco’s Farmers market, with endless rows that feature fresh produce, gourmet foods, baked goods, and seafood.

Granville Island
Vancouver, Canada

The market is described as a “food lover’s paradise,” between vendors offering fish, sausage, cheese, maple syrups, bread and fresh produce. There is a walking tour of the market, or you can do self exploration.

Granville Island has the broadest selection of fresh food in Vancouver. The display of food is also remarkable; each booth prides itself on its product, so you know you are getting a great deal.

There is a  food court at the end of the market building, and many of the booths offer food. Try getting small plates or sharing something from each booth, so that you can really experience all that the Public Market has to offer. Like most attractions, the Public Market gets very crowded, so you may not get a seat inside. That’s not a problem though, because there is plenty of outdoor seating with great views onto False Creek and the skyline.

I was able to walk from my hotel to the island by crossing a bridge, but one of the funniest ways to get to Granville Island is by an adorable tugboat ferry that crosses False Creek!  While in Granville, don’t forget to visit to the Granville Island Brewery. The brewery makes seasonal ales and year round brews like Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale.

Lets not forget the great views of the city when standing outside! Granville is definitely a must see when coming to Vancouver!

Until next time, Happy Adventuring.


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