Dodger Nations: The heart of LA 

Hey Everyone!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. This week, I stayed local and low-key. Running around all week, studying hard for my LCSW exam and with my birthday coming up soon, I wanted a calm weekend. With that being said, I decided to check out the Los Angeles Dodgers vs Miami Marlins Baseball Game!

First off, the Stadium has such a great view of the Los Angeles Skyline and Santa Monica Mountain Range. No matter what seats you have, you will have something to see. The team spirit at Dodgers games is unreal! I love going to sporting events for this exact reason!

Lets not forget the overpriced, yet extremely yummy Dodger Dogs and Garlic Fries!

You can buy tickets on so many different websites, for almost any day of the week. Remember, the cheaper the seat, the higher up that you will be sitting. Also, when buying a ticket, look at what giveaways they will be having that day. This week, I received a free Pullover sweatshirt, talk about an awesome deal!

Free Hoodie Givaway
Dodgers Game

This was not my first baseball game, and it will definitely not be my last!

Until next time, Happy Adventuring!


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