Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is open year-round and is located just a few hours outside Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. From LA, it takes about two hours to get to the National Park.

This natural area splits the Mojave and Colorado Deserts, and has so much to offer. Hiking, Camping and climbing are a few of the many excursions that can be done at Joshua Tree. Whether you catch the gorgeous sunrise and sunset, or wander during the day, you will surely enjoy the time you spend on this weekend adventure.

Entrance to the park is as follows:

Entrance Fee (7 Day Pass for Car) – $25.00

Walk-in Entrance Fee (7 Day Pass on Foot) – $12.00

Joshua Tree is a great place for exploring. Whether you are a easy go-er or a serious hiker, Joshua Tree has the trail for you! Here is a list of activities, and a link to the National Park for you to see for yourself.

Contrasting rocks, wide open skies, and  hundreds of Joshua trees scatter throughout the desert is what you will enjoy in this gorgeous National Park! According to the National Parks website, Winter brings cooler days, around 60°F (15°C), and freezing nights. It occasionally snows at higher elevations. Summers are hot, over 100°F  during the day and not cooling much below 75°F  until the early hours of the morning.

Because of the weather, Joshua Tree offers different cacti and succulents. It is also so interesting, as it merges out-of-the-ordinary trees, with out-of-the-ordinary rocks!

If you have enough time, don’t forget to stargaze, as the dark, desert skies off an outstanding astronomical sight!

Overall, this is one of my favorite parks to visit. I’ve been only a few times, but I can wait to go again. All of its beauty, makes you feel like you are in another world!



Until Next Time, Happy Adventuring!


2 thoughts on “Joshua Tree

  1. Wonderful photos! You look like you are having a great time. I am super jealous of your trip. I love how you are trying to do something new each week. I am from LA myself, and even today there are still so many things I want to do. If you enjoy hiking, I would like to share a post I wrote about different hiking trails in LA with ocean views (cause who doesn’t love the water?). Feel free to check it out for more ideas! 🙂


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