Palos Verdes Drive

This weekend I decided to stay local and explore one of my favorite cities in LA county, Palos Verdes. Palos Verdes sits along the south-bay coastline, and has endless views. I initially found this area while detouring from my drive home from work one day. Ever since the first time I drove along Palos Verdes Drive, I fell in love. I usually go exploring  the area at least once a month, and I have always found a new viewpoint, lighthouse, or hiking trail.  Despite loving it all, I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite spots to view; Wayfarers Chapel, Vicente Bluffs Reserve and Malaga Cove overlook.


The natural sanctuary of Palos Verdes sits nestled in a grove of towering redwoods on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Wayfarers Chapel was designed by architect Lloyd Wright, “the stone and glass structure gives unique expression to the sacred space that welcomes all Wayfarers along life’s path.” The Chapel is free to explore and has outstanding views.


Vicente Bluffs Reserve

Not to far from Wayfarers Chapel, is Vicente Bluffs Reserve, which has a beautiful overlook, lighthouse and hiking trails.


If you get hungry, I recommend eating at the lovely Yellow Vase Cafe! They have delicious salads and sandwiches, and most of all, my favorite is their tomato bisque soup.

Malaga Cove Overlook

The last stop on this adventure is the Malaga Cove Overlook. It has an outstanding view of the shore, ocean and on clear days, you can see the Los Angeles skyline, and the Hollywood sign.

Happy Adventuring! Until next time


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