The Hills Are Alive!

This weekend’s adventure takes place about 2 hours outside of Los Angeles at the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve. The poppy’s are only in bloom during the spring(Late March-May) and fortunately for us, since there has been ample amounts of rain, they started blooming earlier this year. I definitely recommend this trip, because it is absolutely gorgeous!

I took the 5 freeway up to San Francisquito Canyon Rd which was such a scenic drive!There were cute towns I passed through, and lots of farm animals. You’ll have a spectacular view of the rolling hills filled with wildflower and lush greenery.


Once you start getting closer to the reserve, you will already start seeing signs of poppy’s on the side of the freeway. Here you will be able to take lots of pictures sitting in the flowers because in the park you must stay on the trail. Parking cost  $10 at the reserve  and there is ample parking but I do recommend heading up there early to avoid all the traffic. There are so many trails to take and most of them are pretty light. As I was out there, I noticed people of all ages, so it is definitely doable, regardless of your athletic ability. Last note, make sure you wear comfortable shoes and bring water.


I didn’t spend more than an hour at the Reserve, but I did do a good amount of hiking. Please remember to stay on the trail, as there are reportedly rattle snakes, and the poppy’s are delicate. Like I previously said, if you would like a photo in the poppy’s, there are plenty on the side of the road.

All in all, I had a wonderful time with viewing the orange beauties. Hope you enjoy! Happy Adventuring…Until Next Time!

-Jasmine Elaine




2 thoughts on “The Hills Are Alive!

  1. Jazz! Super excited to see your blog and can’t wait to see more CA adventures! I have yet to make it out to CA for visit with you and a ton of other people from CO now living there. Happy blogging!!!


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