Oh Hey LA!;)


DSC_0019Welcome! Thank you for joining my journey. Every week I will be taking you on an exciting adventure, which is what I do for self-care. Why is self-care so important to me? Because as a Mental Health Therapist, I get extremely stressed out dealing with the problems of others. Sometimes I just need to take a break to escape it all!!! It took me a while, but I have finally found what has helped me relax; ADVENTURING!!!.

The beauty about adventures is that they can be whatever you want. They can be as elaborate as driving for miles to see a famous road side attraction or spending thousands of dollars on a trip to some exotic location….(but lets be realistic…what working girl has that kind of money and time every weekend?!) or as small as finding a cool, new neighborhood, or taking a trail hike. Throughout my journey, I will you give you both.  Again, Welcome Abroad!

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